Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spooky, but Classy: Black & White Halloween

Here is the rest of the Halloween Raku from the aforementioned fall class.  I am a big fan of Halloween decorations, but my tastes definitely run towards the elegant, Gothic, Poe-esque or nature-centered.  I try to steer clear of the plasticy, cheesy or gory... those just don't float my boat.   This year I had this vision of an all black & white Halloween display for Bearing Song {a local shop here in Nome where I sell my work}. I am pretty happy with how it came out.  
I used the white potion bottles from the aforementioned post, and made some seed-pod and fruitlike forms and fired them with the same clear crackle glaze.  Also pictured are an assortment of smooth, egg-inspired vases.  I was a little disappointed that they didn't crackle more in the firing, but that is the nature of Raku...beautifully unpredictable.
 A collection of spray-painted willow branches gives it a spooky, wintry feel {apropos for a Halloween in Nome, Alaska}
A couple of curious  Ravens give it a finishing touch.  I like that all of these decorations are neutral enough that they can easily be re-purposed for winter decor.
If you live in Nome, swing on by Bearing song and getcha some...the proceeds all go to a good cause too--so you can't go wrong;)
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Raku

We've been doing a Raku class at the Northwest Campus this fall.  Lucky for us, the weather has been kind: cold but clear.  I was feeling kind of Halloween-y this month, so I decided to make a collection of spooky potion bottles for a friend.  Especially loving the ghostly effect of our clear crackle glaze.

Hey, Check it out! My project got featured on Homework:)