Tuesday, May 6, 2014

a new direction

This blog has been so sadly neglected... mostly because ever since I moved to Palmer I haven't done any potting.  It isn't for lack of wanting to.  In fact, my brain is filled with so many ideas that it will take me well into my fifties, at least, to explore them all.  The reality is, at present, that the dream of having my own studio is a few years out, and that working in a local studio can't happen yet because I don't have the scheduled down time what with my two small hobbits requiring so much of my hands-on time and energy at present. 

I'm okay with that, but I also have the desire to do something creative in the meantime (aside from knitting, sewing, woodworking and gardening--there should be a diagnosis for people like this--jackofalltradesitis?) I want to contribute to the greater good.  That sounds so ambitious, but really it is just using time and talent to contribute positively to my local community and beyond, if that makes sense? I have been doing some pro-bono graphic design projects here and there--just for friends and family, and really cool projects like this one. Check it out here.

But I have been longing to do something else too.  I've decided that it needs to be visual art--and something to do with storytelling.  Maybe I have this home time with weird hours to work because I need to write and illustrate those children's stories I've always wanted to do ever since Jill Stanley's 5th grade class.  I'm not sure exactly what this project will look like, but I think I will use this blog space to explore that until I have my hands on my very own pottery wheel again.  At that point, I am sure I will fling all other projects to the wind and fill this space up with all my circular potter ramblings once again.  In the meantime, happy creating fellow artists!