Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Pots: Batch 1

"Sunshine & Roses" Mugs and Tray
^6 porcelain, hand-built using textured slabs
Glaze: Tacoma Clay Art P-Series "Papaya" & TCA "Basalt"

"Winter Sun" Mugs
^6 porcelain, wheel-thrown, carved
Glaze*: Inside--Iridescent Blue (TCA) Outside--Iridescent blue sponged over Ivory (TCA)
*I would call this a "use at your own risk" glaze combo.  This used to be a set of 4 mugs, but one bubbled really bad, and the other ran down and stuck to the kiln shelf. So obviously there is some unpredictability at work here.

Colander Fun!
"Rose Coral" Colander and Dish Set
^6 porcelain, wheel-thrown, altered
Glaze: I did all kinds of weird things to this one!  I started by sponging on an irregular layer of Melon Underglaze from SPS. Then I layered on 3 coats of Ivory from TCA.  To top it off, I sponged on another thin application of "Chun Plum" from the Amaco Potters Choice Glazes. 

"Apple a Day" Colander
^6 porcelain, wheel-thrown, altered
This one is for givaway over at my other blog
Glaze: Light application of SPS Blue-Green Underglaze, 2 coats TCA Ivory over that, and flecked with TCA iridescent blue.

L: "Blue Lagoon" Collander, R: "Beluga Bubbles" Colander and Dish
^6 Porcelain, wheel-thrown, altered
L: Glaze--Iridescent Blue, R: Glaze--same as "Apple a Day" Colander above

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A new form: part 1

It occurred to me recently that I needed to make something to put in the Iditarod Art Show.  Since most of the stuff I have made lately is pretty straightforward functional, I thought I would try to do something functional, but also a little bit "artsy-fartsy."  I have been watching the Ravens in my back yard building their nest under the satellite dish, and it inspired me to make a set of nesting bowls that sit inside a larger, double-walled shape.  This is what I have so far:

so far... I think I like it.  Now I just have to make 4 or 5 little nesting bowls that sit inside the "nest." I will post those when I'm done.  Sorry about the crappy photos--I never bring the nice camera to the studio because I am afraid to get clay all over it.  I think I will make a couple more of these forms and perhaps take pictures at their various stages of creation and do the first ever "Frozen Earth" demo...