Friday, August 12, 2011

finishing up for farmer's market

Here are the finished versions of the mugs I posted about last time (gosh its been a while, but I haven't really been doing any pottery, just massively re-arranging the studio and recycling a butt-load of clay--thanks to my brother GABE!)

 These are all MAC 6 Porcelain with a Basalt/Mottled Blue/Purple/Rutile Tan combo.
 This is Studio Brown Clay with Ketchup/Nutmeg and Rutile Tan
Mi favorito new glaze combo--Ketchup, Nutmeg, Mottled Blue and Rutile Tan. Reminds me of the desert. (Also on Studio brown clay)

And a few other fun pretties for the farmer's market:
 soap bottle dispensers

 These are all the same glaze combos mentioned on the mugs.
 my first attempt at a yarn bowl.  (mottled blue & rutile tan on studio brown clay)
Tree of life serving bowl (Blue Rutile from the Potter's Choice Glaze series: Mac 6)

a pretty little pie dish just in time for blueberry pie (Ketchup, Nutmeg with rutile tan and mottled blue detail--studio brown clay)

A funny little french butter dish (with the word butter written in English, of course:) Stroke and Coat glazes on mac 6 (sour apple, moody blue)
And a little experiment. 
Porcelain buttons and pendants with carved underglazed details.  These didn't really turn out how I envisioned them, but I cant say I dislike them either:

Maybe we'll see you at the Farmer's Market at Bearing Song!
(maybe it wont rain tomorrow!)

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  1. I love your mugs and plate with tree! The colours in your glaze are amazing! So rich! Love the purple mugs!