Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 small, quick & easy ceramic forms to jazz up your kitchen

1.  Mortar and Pestle 
This tool can take on a variety of forms depending on what you plan to use it for.  Here are a couple of examples.  To see a tutorial on how to throw one on the wheel, click here.

2. Salt Cellar/ Salt Pig
These are a handy storage solution for coarse grain sea salt and they make an excellent conversation piece.  They can be made in one or two sections, thrown or hand-built.
this simple for could be wheel-thrown & altered or made using an extruder, or a combination thereof.

these mini-salt cellars would be a cinch to throw in one piece on the wheel.

A quick and easy hand-built project: Slab-rolled, textured and stamped.

could be wheel-thrown or hand-built.

3. Salt & Pepper Shakers
The sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative forms for this classic.  For an interesting tutorial on how to throw a bottom dispensing hollow shaker (first item pictured below) please see pages 29-31 of the May/June Pottery making illustrated (available in the studio--just ask me). Here are just a few forms to get your wheels a spinnin'.
one piece wheel-thrown (tutorial available)
graceful, minimalistic, hand-built

wheel-thrown & altered, but also hand-buildable.

simple, wheel-thrown and elegant.

4. Spoon Rests
A very quick and easy project.  You can either hand build a form and slump it, or wheel throw.  For a video tutorial on making a wheel-thrown spoon rest, click here.
hand-built using a slab rolled over a crocheted doily and slumped over a form.
carved, hand-built spoon rest. Simple & elegant.
Wheel thrown spoon rests... also very quick and easy.
5. Measuring Spoons
Since we're on a spoon kick, these are a simple, quick ceramic form that is really fun and would make a great gift.  I can't attest to how accurately they might measure, though it is probably close enough for government work.

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  1. Do you make the seashell measuring spoons? If not do you know where I can buy them?